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Recruitment metrics in HR are standards of measurement to make the process of hiring competent candidates for the organization more efficient and manageable. The process of hiring can be external

Leadership in business, when searched in the books of management, can lead us into a standard definition. That is, leadership is the ability of executives with authoritative prerogatives i.e. who

The problem of workforce reskilling, skilling, and upskilling is not new. In fact, it has long been a source of concern for both companies and employees. Today’s dynamics are faster

Employees are supposed to be compensated to do what they enjoy, and employers are meant to get their work done. Unfortunately, many workplaces do not operate in this manner. They

To start, let’s define what recruitment strategy is. It’s the process of finding, engaging, and keeping top talent. “Why do I need to know about this?” some of you may

Your uniqueness is boosted by your critical thinking skills. It is no secret that in today’s world, being unique is crucial. It’s also no secret that being unique isn’t always

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