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Talent acquisition and executive search requires professional techniques in order to acquire the best talent pool for your Organization. RippleHR Global has been globally accredited as one of the best executive search firm and  recruitment agency in India. If you are looking for a reliable executive search firm or HR consultancy for recruitment, you have reached the right spot. We aim at penetrating into wider markets and industries to identify your needs and accordingly formulate the perfect recruitment technique that best fits your talent needs and industry standards. Our in-depth experience in the best leadership hiring service not only help acquiring talent for your organisations but also gets us ranked as the best executive search firm. With our special and professionally targeted approaches for leadership hiring and other recruitment services, we have been successfully able to deliver faster and efficient results.

Don’t just fill up your job openings! RippleHR Global, the most reliable executive search firm through its team of capable executive search consultants, talent acquisition experts and recruitment consultants in India aims at understanding your vision, goals and last but not the least your needs. We know the importance of a competent workforce and aim at applying out best recruitment techniques while correlating them to your needs. If you are in need of an expert recruitment agency in India for your talent acquisition related services, RippleHR is just a call away. We always offer the best leadership hiring service to our clients.

You’re not just recruiting employees, but your future brand.



Given the manner how solutions innovate nowadays, anything you roll-out can have a pull or turn out to be obsolete by midnight. Identifying the problems and solving them through our talent acquisition techniques is what makes us stand among the best executive recruitment agencies in India. Through our proven track record of delivering very niche and hard to close positions, we are relied upon by our clients for their all recruitment services especially executive retained search and leadership positions.


Our committed recruitment and executive search consultants understand how important your brand is for attracting the finest talent for your workforce. We focus not just on recruiting talent but also work closely with you and gain deep understanding about your brand & business. Our specialized approaches not only increase your outreach but also market your brand well. 


With our experienced team of recruitment consultants in India, we have a proven track record of position closure in just 3 CVs and this goes true for any role in any industry. We recognize your said & unsaid recruitment and workforce needs and our best recruitment consultants recommend you an absolute fit We treat talent acquisition as an art which designs and relates with your vision.


RippleHR Global has moved far beyond the mindset of vendor-client relationship approach. The team believes in co-creating a journey which is a true reflection of partnership. Our partnership approach is guided by our core values which enable us to build a long-term association with you. That is how we feature among the best executive recruitment agencies in India as well as globally. 


Our executive search consultants, work relentlessly with the sole purpose of hiring astute professionals who understand your Organization’s vision and goals. We RippleHR Global, the trustworthy recruitment agency in India, recruit talents who have the potential to match your needs and goals. Our only goal is to recruit best professionals be it, a team, a leaders or executives that rightly fits your work culture and values. 

We Offer

Our specialisation

We walk along with you with tried and true recruitment consulting practices and best leadership hiring services. In the first place, our proactive talent programs will not only help you assess the talent right but also build strategies for workforce outcomes. With us, you mitigate risk of bad hire and build successful work culture.


Leadership Hiring

We have process-oriented and well defined approach at every stage to capture the right leader for you. We have gained exceptional competence of hiring at leadership level and executive search assignments. Over there, we will help you meet your organisation's goals.


Executive Search

Our Senior recruitment consultants in India are industry experts in executive search practice who are well versed for key requirements of leadership roles. Our executive search consultants are professionally equipped to look at faster turnaround time.


campus branding programs

We along with our interventions collaborate with you building your prominence in all recommended Technology and Post Graduate colleges. Our Campus engagement plan not only helps you get pre-assessed prospective hires but also build employer brand to survive and sustain apt talent dearth.


Workforce planning

Our recruitment consultants and programs ease your business & cost implications by determining accurate manning levels your organisation needs. We keep in mind business growth, demographic changes and flexibility required to trigger the exponential growth without substantial impact on cost.


diversity hiring

Diversity & Inclusion is gaining momentum day every day and our experts help you achieve workplace diversity. Above all, reports also convey 18% of companies having diverse workforce are generating higher revenue than others.


employer branding programs

We do work in the area of off-campus employer branding wherein our programs and best practices gathered over years of experience have been instrumental in achieving successful desired results.

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