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People are backbone and the most crucial assets of any organization. However it is imperative to understand them accurately to be successful in longer run. In a complex & unpredictable business environment today, Organizations are in ultimate need of specialized HR consulting services not only for development Human Resource functions, but also for end to end HR Strategy formulation and execution in line with the business objectives. Our HR consulting services are exclusive & tailor-made to the requirements of the organization and in addition to that it helps them address key issues and tasks that fall under the scope of Human Resource Management. So, don’t think twice to get in touch with us for the best human resources consulting services in India.

In our journey so far, we have excelled and delivered bespoke HR projects, ranging from Benchmarking of HR Practices, HR Processes, designing Compensation & Benefit Programs, conducting Employee Engagement surveys, Organisation Effectiveness, Technology transition, development and implementation of Performance Management Systems. We are one of the best consulting firms in India providing world-class human resources services for small business. We collaborate and stay with you throughout the complete phase of the assignment, thereby commencing from conceptualizing until we complete on the floor execution, so that you focus on the core business challenges. We never compromise with the quality of our HR consulting services.

You can't teach employees to smile; They have to before you hire them



We, RippleHR Global, one of the top HR consulting  company is adept to new projects, painting cultures and creating organisation that yield outstanding outcomes. Furthermore our approach is objective which provides data and we believe in permanent developments of your organization.

Assess Top Development Opportunities

Evaluation is a strategic criterion that benefits an organization to achieve its goals for improving productivity metrics. Our expert consultants explore every possibility for enhancement that exists in companies, job roles, departments and workflow.

Benchmark And Align Business Initiatives

We know at times business dynamics are challenging to accomplish operational and proportional effective outcomes.  Our HR consultants familiarize you with benchmarked practices and models to realign with business objectives as a parallel personalized system.

Future Focused Programs

We, at RippleHR Global, one of the top consulting firms have right intentions to safeguard your path for future with our HR consulting services and programs. We build HR programs which are future focused and best customized to your business needs & focus.

Seamless Execution

Organizations are in immense need for best HR consulting services but more than that we feel execution is key. We give rise to right HR practices with focus on execution creating best experience in your association with us.

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Our specialisation

RippleHR Global, one of the top consulting firms assists small businesses in remodeling the human assets of the company. We can create beyond or hone any human resources consulting service equally matching your breadth, phase, and future provisions, thus helping your exponential progression through improved Employee Performance, Employee satisfaction and Employee Experience. Once you get in touch with us, the best consulting firms in India you will not get any chance to be disappointed. Our global HR services for small business speaks for itself. 


HR Process Benchmarking

Benchmarking is unconditionally becoming a requisite for HR professionals and organisations.Thus our ability empowers us to measure procedures, practices and results against your competition. We infer data, categorize trends and use benchmarking as mechanism and not as a regulation.


Organisation Design

Our organisation effectiveness measures help your business get expressed in terms of how well it’s net profitability is seen over it’s target profitability. With many of our clients, our interventions have become culture exhibiting Leadership, Decision Making, People and Structure.


Perfromance Management

We one of the top management consulting firms have implemented performance systems with our clients improving motivation, competency and engagement levels. Therefore we set expectations, behaviours, development plans right and monitor them to deliberate performance.


Compensation Benchmarking

We RippleHR Global, one of the best HR consulting firms, accompany you establishing critical segments of compensation for core and unique job roles of your company. We fundamentally keep focus on all requisite parameters to balance the needs to attract and retain talent. Our competitive pay analysis gives you insights that guide you on appropriate market inputs.


Employee Engagement Survey

To begin with, find out what makes your organisation great place to work, what engages your employees and retains them with you. We assist and share with you the opinions and survey learning of employee engagement from different industries. It facilitates to let you know how you can make a culture of celebrating company’s success.


Change & Transformation

We RippleHR Global, one of the most reliable HR consulting firms equip your organisation to grab every opportunity, address key issues, initiatives to expand performance, variations to processes, job roles, organizational structure and uses of technology. In our interventions we do take care of the exclusivity your organisation may well need.


HR Technology Transition

Like you know the technology has transformed many facets of HR, we at RippleHR Global have understood the need of getting our technology knowledge base across to our partners. On your behalf, we research through the technologies and platforms that are available in market and give the best that may suit you.


Rewards & Recognition

We RippleHR Global, HR global consultancy design both monetary and non-monetary interventions to reward, recognise and to shape your employee behaviour and work ethics. Our program benefits you and your employees to identify group and company goals along with assistance on key performance measurement criteria.


HR Analytics

In this HR global consultancy, Our experts act as catalysts for your talent analytics. They fine-tune data-driven decisions to interest, manage, and retain employees. With our expertise of making sense out of data, we have walked together with companies navigating the change to create better work environments and maximize employee productivity.


HR Technology Transition

Like you know the technology has transformed many facets of HR, we at RippleHR Global have understood the need of getting our technology knowledge base across to our partners. On your behalf, we research through the technologies and platforms that are available in market and give the best that may suit you.

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