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About Us

At RippleHR Global, we have an irreplaceable passion to deliver world-class HR Consulting services to our partners. Over years, we have grown becoming a unique strategic HR consulting firm thereby delivering services to organisations requiring innovative, meaningful, metric driven HR programs that strengthen relationships with their employees. We build program and which yield results in the area of HR Strategy, Change & Transformation, Performance Management, High Potential & Leadership Assessments, Organisation Development, Leadership Development and Organisation Effectiveness. Our continuous evolution will always be in pursuit of people and organisation development across industries and  this is precisely our reason to have a closer look at problem statement, ask questions and think futuristic. Our reach extends beyond India to US, UK, Canada, Middle-east and ASEAN.

We Live Values

We honour our commitments to encourage fairness, respect, honesty, and trust. Our values will “TIE” you together equally.

Value Chain - RippleHR Global


We speak our mind and contribute authentically to internal and external stakeholders. In all our business practices we are straightforward and completely accountable.


We nurture innovation, redefine business models to create agile culture. We challenge conventional HR services to stay relevant.


For us, empathy is a culture and a state of mind. As true partners we believe, we not only should welcome but also encourage empathy at work and in all our business deeds.

What We do

To begin with we set you realize your strategic HR goals differently, outline vision you may never have dream’t of and achieve results that channel you to what you can be. Besides we fully analyzing issues and inefficiencies in human resources, we also help you generate strategic HR systems that enable you to stride forward.

HR Consulting

We create accessible, achievable and at the same time yet customizable advisory recipes managing your organization’s human resource roadmap.

Training Consulting

RippleHR Global offers full latitude of training services outspreading from talent assessments to implementation of talent development programs and frameworks.

Recruitment Consulting

Our continual achievement is in delivering the talent solutions to tie organisation’s plan with growth and profitability to make systems scalable.

Generating New Ideas, Solving Big Problems

In time we unequivocally accept that a ground-breaking mighty thought can have a significant effect on between success and failure in any strategic HR and organisation development mediation.

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Our Brand Promises

Our derived knack over numerous years with information top to bottom and experience which we procured from diverse workforce gives us power to drive through dependable organisation development and human resource management solutions.

Flexibility You Count

We believe that flexible  organisation development solutions are compelling requisite of the current demand. Flexibility no way writes off the comprehensiveness of services chosen while equipping to unique needs of your business.

A Custom Approach

We do understand no two clients, diagnoses or coursework are same. They may have similarities at core of the needs but we take a tailored approach to every project that we work on.

We Simplify Results

We are deeply experienced for knowing the unique values of every variable in a program. Put together, it gives us an extensive view of your problem statements and catalyze conclusion for us to frame outcomes on the dot.

Industries We Serve

A real partnership is a reciprocal path. We are privileged in contributing to industry leaders in their organisation development goals. RippleHR Global has achieved extraordinary outcomes giving practiced services at Leadership, Middle Management and at contributing levels to different enterprises.


The dynamics of the e-Commerce Industry are demanding and we understand that. We accordingly help you navigate through these scenarios effortlessly for you to withstand the growth. We have marked contributions here.


Our Telecom Industry mastery gives you access to accomplished HR consulting projects we have so far carried out in this sphere. Besides we assist our clients embrace transformation along the complete range of solutions.

Software & IT-Services

To stay relevant, Software Industry is constantly evolving. All this revolution is exciting, especially for the competition. All in all, our team works alongside these innovative companies and hence create future ready human resource services.

Healthcare & Life Science

Healthcare as a segment is multifaceted and yet another transformation is round the corner, especially for the sprint of claim. We care and recognize the favorable and unfavorable need this industry ultimately requires in HR services.


Our unceasing efforts and simultaneously roll-out of the programs has built deep trust based partnerships with Manufacturing Enterprises. To sum up we listen, analyse and plan with all relevant stakeholders & employees of your organisation.


We have taken multi-faceted measures before and now that have conveyed and generated well precise results in Media Industry. It also has been incredibly challenging and ultimately competitive to keep up with the cutting-edge practices in this arena.


On the whole we bring in expertise for HR services in Supply Chain or Logistics to accompany your disruption trajectory. Our bias for action has all the time led to focus approach on high value initiatives. To sum up we deliver expertise in all talent initiatives.


We believe it is indispensable to align with every characteristic of the organisation and ways of working with future strategy for now.  In the essence this is what makes us approachable and inclined for creating change in the most productivity driven industry.

From Our Clients

They are saying good words about us. Few are getting flashed here which makes our day every day. See what our clients have to say particularly about our people, processes, approach and strategic HR services.

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