RippleHR Global offers a spectrum of services in getting to know & improve your workforce. We have with us enormously equipped and professionally qualified diligent trainers across locations. Moreover our trainers have delivered high quality and impactful training programs catering to the wishes of our partners. In addition to this content customization is what we recommend our clients to use throughout the course of learning consulting services. It not only yields results but also keeps the focus of participants alive through the session. We also train unique skills certainly not limited to soft skills, behavioral skills, technical abilities, sales training, outbound programs, leadership development and team collaboration training.

Our experience in developing learning systems spans throughout industries in India & Overseas. As we always say we are fortunate to have over 2200 training hours with Telecom, e-Commerce, IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail and so on. Furthermore our dedicated team of trainers at leadership level are quick and efficient to identify the limitations within the manner of your workforce and thereby makes use of that data to construct a custom designed learning solution for you.

“Don’t decrease the goal. Increase the effort and learning.”

We hereby reiterate organizations are in a constant need of training consulting services to build highly motivated and a self-directed team of professionals. The right assessment and fine-tuning of your organization’s potential is important to us. Therefore we at RippleHR Global focus on finding and developing the potential your employees have. We help you establish a way of life for continuous learning while engaging and developing employees who can effectively run organization with a future focus of delivering required business results.

On our approach we create training consulting solutions which are long lasting. Techniques to impart learning are created out by sincerely understanding your needs coupled with your business offerings and your customer base. Additionally, L&D Professionals and experts from our team bring invaluable experience in designing high Impact Leadership Development Interventions. Should you require a specific half-day training or a Leadership Development workshop or Functional/ Behavioral program, we will work with you and stakeholders to outline the tailor made curriculum that will benefit you most.

Are you training your employees right?

In this competitive world, to thrive is to change rapidly and adapt to training  complexities. Industries continuously need to alter beyond the work, employees, and workplaces in ways that can benefit them in not only withstand growth but also remain competitive.

Communicate Why Before How

“How” is clearly important but understanding. “Why” helps gain obvious insights, thereby entitling your employees in assessing the know-how precisely. We apprise and communicate this information well in advance.

Train for Culture, Not Just Skills

We make learning a never-ending practice and subsequently infuse it as an incomparable building block for success of your business goals. Incidentally let it not be demand or project driven.

Continually Asses And Remodel

It’s definite that the training should reflect your organization’s goals and objectives in a longer run. Even though customising it over a uniform period of time is done learning needs to be continuously remodeled to latest soft or business skill trends across levels.

We Offer

Ripple HR offers an array of Talent Development programs, tailored as per the needs of your organization. To begin with, choose from our pool of training consulting programs to get started or search for the one you have in mind by reaching to our experts.

Leadership Development

Leadership is persistently contextual. That’s why we engage in close affiliation with business, learning key Leadership behaviours, thoughts and capabilities. Above all our flagship Leadership Development programs will always lead you to results your organisation aims to achieve.

Hi-Potential Program

HIPO employees are vital performers you need to recognize and set in motion to ensure your organization continues to growth and lead. Hence we create high potential and critical employee development programs all through collaborating with your organization.

Culture Transformation

Flourishing culture is the prime contributor to any organisation’s success. We, at the heart of our approach, have been supporting organisations regularly in creating structured high-performing, values-driven cultures. We change mind-sets and skills of your workforce to desired change.

Executive Assessment & Coaching

Our Executive Coaching professionals make sure the chemistry between the Coach and the Coachee is ever rewarding. Thus we attach and upskill every individual’s real-world competence that are geared towards encouraging them to perform better than others.

Succession Planning

In addition to understanding the significance of identifying prospective future leaders and building a succession plan, we also bring talent development initiatives in parallel with the company’s future leadership needs. As a result, with our programs you are future ready before you even require it.

Sales Force Development

We bring an engaging, thought-provoking, challenging, unmarked and modern technique for the development of your Sales employees. Consequently our custom programs give your organization an essential conceptual shift from the conventional sense of selling.

Team Building

We reinforce the fundamentals of your team and expedite team’s performance by bringing communication, co-operation, and trust collaboratively. Our impactful outbound training programs are fun while learning as key factor that positively impact your organization with further aligned and engaged team.

Outbound Training

We design and deliver action based learning approach, augmenting performance of individuals, teams and organizations resulting in effective skill development, strengthening of core values, higher employee engagement and setting productivity.

Behavioral Training

Behavioral Training is inevitably important in inculcating the right outlook to your employees. At RippleHR Global, our training programs assists individuals to explore their existing behaviour patterns & up-skill them with evolved skills attaining improved results.

What we need to do is change the culture through better design.

Let us curate the right and additionally effective training program for your organization.