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What is diversity and inclusion at workplace, and why is it needed? The conversation about diversity and inclusion at workplace has arrested much attention in the last decade. The idea

Factors like constrained market and enormous approach towards information are affecting in a manner which HR experts are performing their roles & responsibilities. Taking a look at comparative elements, ability

The HR business changes frequently with arising patterns and innovation. Undoubtedly there isn’t anything more worse than a wrong framework which doesn’t have confidence in execution. Secondly to progress, we

Millennial is well known for their immediate & early job changes as well as for their tenure in an organization. Their average tenure runs between year and a half and

“Your services are not required anymore” – as elegant and english as it may sound, this statement is so unnerving. It can drop you to a depth of misunderstanding, fear,

Every business needs a clear business model. The business model or marketing model of a business determines the direction the business will take. It also determines the products it will

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