The HR industry transforms yearly with emerging trends and technology. There is nothing worse than a stagnant system that doesn’t believe in improvisation. In addition, we need to reap value from these trends to hire more effectively and digitize HR processes to become advanced. Be the real game-changer by implementing the practices which make your recruitment process and selection in HRM more systematic.

1. Less Fixated Job Roles

The future of employment lies in more flexible and fluid job roles. Therefore, one should use rigid job titles to define roles than limiting your candidate’s creativity and growth. Not every work profile needs a permanent employee, however you can hire freelancers or contract-based employees. Hence, embracing this new approach will allow your employees to have a better work-life balance and a chance to challenge their limits.

2. Automate Your Recruitment Process With Artificial Intelligence

An AI software can easily automate your recruitment and selection process. Hence, let an AI integrated Application Tracking System replace your manual tasks. Here are a few benefits of an ATS:

– Imports applications from the mailbox

– Includes Chatbot integration

– Centralizes all the data in a single place to create a pipeline

– Automates email communication

– Screens resume to match job requirements using Algorithms

– Provides insightful an analytic approach for decision-making artificial intelligence

3. Advance Recruitment With Virtual Reality & Gaming

Attract your applicants by giving them a VR office tour to have a more realistic idea of the work environment. It makes the recruitment process more engaging and fun for applicants.  You can also create interactive games using VR technology to test aptitude or a certain set of skills.

Fun Fact: Toyota launched a mixed reality gaming app in order to test candidates problem-solving skills with code-breaking puzzles.

4. Save Time With Internal Hiring

An HR team can surely recognize the best of talents in the organization. Internal hiring can be a great alternative as it cuts the external recruiting costs and retains top performers of the company with minimum risk. An existing employee who already values the work culture and ethics is a better choice than a complete fresher.

5. Digitalise Your Employee Referral Program

Move beyond outdated referral strategies and invest in an Employee Referral Software. Therefore, we should ensure it has a compelling way to encourage your employees to recommend candidates. You can include leadership boards and compelling badges or tickets to increase participation and get more referrals. Internal notifications can also be sent as a reminder for employee referral programme.

6. Mobile-Recruitment Strategy

The majority of the candidates prefer using their mobile devices for job searching. In addition to this, it’s a great idea to make the application process mobile-friendly. This recruitment and selection process therefore allows you to engage candidates more responsively. It also makes their experience hassle-free and keeps the company in a good light. Create a platform that meets the needs of your recruitment

7. Becoming A Social Brand

Never underestimate the power of social media and invest time in being a social brand. Use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for job posting. Be proactive, by searching for potential applicants on these networks. Websites like “Glassdoor” and “Ambitionbox” are also great platforms to attract talent and also do competitor analysis on social media

8. Keep An Eye On Passive Candidates

It sounds like an invaluable idea but they can be your potential candidates. Try maintaining contact with them, maybe with a monthly newsletter. Take this as your chance to tempt them with better and new opportunities to gain their attention. They might not be actively seeking jobs but who knows a new job role might attract them.

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