RippleHR Global’s recruitment consulting services acts as an intermediary connection to a business aspiring to hire and an individual exploring for a professional shift. The success of your organization is contingent to the collective intellect of the talent acquisition needs you employ today. Let us assist you in creating one and that’s geared up for the future by discovering the right appointment.

Generally in ever-changing & fast-paced business environment, one wrong hire can be perilous to an organization’s ladder to victory. As skilled & professional experts, we decode the candidate and make sure to hire right fit for the role and the organisation. Thus our all-inclusive talent consulting assessment model get you a spotless potential candidate at the optimum earliest time.

We understand no organisation can have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach in hiring the right talent. Hence,  we have a multi-dimensional candidate assessment for gauging the candidate’s expertise for the job along with the team objectives, future needs, vision and mission of the organisation. In short, to win, an organisation ought to ensemble all the essential parameters of recruitment consulting rather than functioning discretely.

“You’re not just recruiting employees, but your future brand.”

Right talent, especially new hires and new entrants to talent market whose skills and values excellently align with those of the organisation, adapt swiftly and yearn to stay with organization for longer. Our programs which run off-campus and on-campus additionally give you filter to screen through the pre-filtered talent thus creating an optimistic effect at the fundamental front. These help you align workforce quickly having better employee job role satisfaction and increase in productivity. This usually is both, at an individual and at an organisation level.

We understand every client’s prudent objectives and their discrete leadership roles, furthermore their expertise required to meet the purpose and values. To lead the talent strategy, we persistently keep a check on the key developments in the global market for talent. This incessantly innovate our strategy along with services. Our objective is to deliver value to each client we serve. To summarise we stay focused to on-board the right abilities thus attaining organization’s growing and strategic futuristic business objectives.

Talent Acquisition is dead?

Given the manner how solutions innovate nowadays, anything you rollout can have a pull or turn out to be obsolete by midnight.

Employees are Assets, Treat the exit well

Make employee off-boarding approach a sizeable effect, not a postscript. As an example, maintaining effective employer-employee relationship is a consistent process and an essential part in building up the employer brand, which in turn plays a crucial role in recruiting and maintaining healthy passive talent for an organization.

Look to attract not acquire

By the way acquiring talent is no longer skill required, infact attracting is now the only key to potential talent in Industry. We usually focus branding you for the problems you solve in business and showcase them to passive pool available. Invest and understand your cost per acquisition and its returns.

Give shape to candidate experience and journey

Current job marketplace is candidate driven and volatile, organizations certainly need to ace candidate experience. Our world-class benchmarked practices and in particular offer to joining ratio will strengthen your organisation and simultaneously add and upgrade skills to your recruitment team in walking the candidate journey.

We offer

We walk along with you with tried and true recruitment consulting practices. In the first place, our proactive talent programs will not only help you assess the talent right but also build strategies for workforce outcomes. With us, you mitigate risk of bad hire and build successful work culture.

Leadership Hiring

We have process-oriented and well defined approach at every stage to capture the right leader for you. We have gained exceptional competence of hiring at leadership level and executive search assignments. Over there, we will help you meet your organisation's goals.

Diversity Hiring

Diversity & Inclusion is gaining momentum day every day and our experts help you achieve a workplace diversity. Above all, reports also convey 18% of companies having diverse workforce are generating higher revenue than others.

Campus Branding & Engagement

We along with our interventions collaborate with you building your prominence in all recommended Tech and Post Graduate colleges. Our Campus engagement plan not only helps you get pre-assessed prospective hires but also build employer brand to survive and sustain apt talent dearth.

Workforce Planning

Our consultants and programs ease your business & cost implications by determining accurate manning levels your organisation needs. We keep in mind business growth, demographic changes and flexibility required to trigger the exponential growth without substantial impact on cost.

Talent Assessments

Get an insight into candidate’s skill, personality and ability with our unique set of assessments. We perform the best and right cultural assessments keeping your role essentials in focus.

Employer Branding

We do work in the area of off-campus employer branding wherein our programs and best practices gathered over years of experience have been instrumental in achieving successful desired results.

Time spent on recruitment consulting practices, is time well spent.

Help us know you better so that we can find you the right recruitment consulting strategies.